Top 10 uploaders over the last 90 days

  1. QuickMythril (81)
  2. jhmiller (45)
  3. Sinutab (24)
  4. monta990 (24)
  5. Seacrest (18)
  6. SonsOfLiberty (2)
  7. enoid (2)

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Game NameRegionVerifiedXEX CRCMedia IDTitle IDWave
874Battlefield: Bad Company 2PAL2010-03-05329001A53EDAE1BF454108A8 (EA-2216)6th2
873Battlefield: Bad Company 2PAL2010-03-0406205F0C30C4C914454108A8 (EA-2216)6th2
870Battlefield: Bad Company 2NTSC/J (Excludes China)
2010-03-02688C67DA1016DA55454108A8 (EA-2216)6th3

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